VIL Series Vertical Single Stage Pipe Centrifugal Pump

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VIL Series Vertical Single Stage Pipe Centrifugal Pump

Product overview 

VIL series single-stage vertical pipe centrifugal pump is a new generation of high-efficiency and energy-saving product aunched by Geclt group according to the internationa standard of IS02858. Product performance is excellent, quality is stable, reliable. Geclt group's VIL series pipeline centrifuga pump is a world leader in technology. It is suitable for convey-ing clear water and other liquids whose physical properties are similar to clear water. This product is suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise pressurized water supply: It is especially suitable for circulating water supply of cooling water and frozen water for large central air conditioning and for regional heating in the north.

The working conditions 
Pump design working pressure 1. 6MPa (gray cast iron), the working pressure of the pump can be increased (2.4mpa) after changing the pump body material (ductile iron, cast steel). The pump inlet and outlet flange conforms to PN16 gb flange.
If the working pressure is required to be 2.4mpa or higher during ordering, it must be noted; otherwise, the work pressure shall be 1.6mpa.
Applicable medium: clear water or clean liquid with physical and chemical properties similar to water (such as antifreeze).
Water pump conveying liquid range-25 ℃C to + 110 ℃, allowconveying liquid temperature is dependent on the pump and the type of machine sealing.
Matching YE2 seriesand YE3 series efficient extension shaf motors.

Pump performance range 

Flow range: 30-2100 m³/h 

Head range: 10-150m 

Outlet diameter: 50mm-350mm 

Efficiency: up to 90%
Power: 4-200KW

Product features
1. The biggest feature of this series of pumps is the dual-vortexshell flow channel design, which greatly reduces the radial force on the pump shaft when the pump is running. We know that the inlet and outlet diameters of pipeline pumps are the same, and the outlet diameters are one or two grades larger than those of horizontal pumps of the same specification. In this way, theradial force on the shaft of single vortex shell pipeline pump is larger than that of the traditional horizontal pump. With the double vortex shell, the radial force caused by the uneven pressure in the vortex shell is offset by the symmetry of the shape. This innovative design greatly reduces the radial force onthe shaft (hydraulic cause). In addition, the impeller is treated by dynamic balance, which further reduces the unbalanced radial force (mechanical reason). It is these measures that enable Geclt's VIL series pipeline pumps to operate more efficiently and reliably, with longer service lives for mechanical seals and bearings
2. The water pump inlet passage adopts a more fluent annular water absorption chamber (with water guide plate), which is not only conducive to avoid the hump phenomenon in the condi-
tion of small flow, and improve the efficiency of the pump, but also makes the series of products have lower center of gravity than the traditional pipe pump and better stability in operation.
3. Using the Geclt group's new generation of excellent high-ef-
ficiency hydraulic models, coupled with some innovative designs, the Geclt series of pipes are on average 5%-10% more efficient than the pipeline pumps of other manufacturers.
Therefore, the series of pipeline pumps are more efficient and energy saving, and more in line with the concept of environ-mental protection and energy saving advocated by Geclt group
4. The pump adopts imported mechanical seal to ensure no leakage of the pump and improve the working environment of the pump station.
5. Maintenance-free imported bearings (motor frame size below 250) are adopted for small and medium-sized motorswithout lubricating oil. For medium and large motor with grease lubrication, can replace the lubricating oil without stopping the machine. Therefore, this type of product is easy to maintain.

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