Water Pump(VFD Series)with(Frequency Conversion)Cotrolle

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Water Pump(VFD Series)with(Frequency Conversion)Cotrolle

Product introduction 

Frequency conversion control cabinet products have overload, shor circuit, lack of phase protection and pump body leakage, motor overtemperature and leakage of electricity and other protectiorfunctions and complete state display, and has a single pump and multiple pump control mode, a variety of main and standby pump switching mode and various types of starting mode. Can be widely used in industrial and agricultural production and various types or buildings water supply, drainage, fire, spray pipe network pressurization and hvac hot and cold water circulation and other occasions o automatic control. The inverter control cabinet has good quality beautiful and durable appearance, convenient installation and operation, and is a reliable companion for all kinds of water pumps.

Features of variable frequency control cabinet 
Widely used: for a variety of occasions, such as water supply and drainage, fire, spray, pressurization, air conditioning cooling cycle, ndustrial control pump, sewage discharge  have the corresponding special model specifications. Control motor power range 0.18-250kw.
Excellent quality: the use of international famous electrical components and quality standard cabinet, carefully designed, seiko producion.
Various functions: from one-control-one to one-control-seven, themain pump and the standby pump can be combined at will, there are various starting modes and various control forms, the fault can be automatically switched, we can also design specially for you.

Variable frequency control cabinet parameters 
Start the control cabinet directly Control motor power: 0.37-15KW.
Control voltage: 380V Number of control pumps: 1-7
Frequency conversion control cabinet: triangle start
Control motor power: 15-90kW 
Control voltage: 380V Number of control pumps: 1-7
Automatic voltage reduction starting control cabinet
Control motor power: 15-160KW 
Control voltage: 380V 
Number of control pumps: 1-7
Automatic frequency control:cabinet 
Control motor power: 0.18-250KW 
Control voltage :380V 
Number of control motors: 1-7

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